Demand the Premier take urgent action to protect medical cannabis users from discriminatory Drug Driving laws.

Unlike other prescription medications, patients who are legally prescribed medical cannabis are being discriminated against every day.

They are not only losing their drivers licence, in some cases they are losing their jobs.

All of them are losing their freedom – and that should concern us all.

The blanket policy of zero tolerance for THC means that there is currently no legal defence if it is detected in a patient’s saliva at Random Drug Testing sites. It ignores whether a driver is impaired or not.

This cruel policy means that patients are being forced to choose between living a normal life or suffering.

It’s not fair. It’s not just.

It’s time for the Premier to take action to change the driving laws so it’s a fair go for all.

Join the campaign for a fair go for ALL drivers.

Make your voice heard and sign our petition

IMPORTANT. Change will only come if enough people make a stand. It will only take a couple of minutes.


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