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Donation Disclosures

Legalise Cannabis NSW Donations

In the last two years Legalise Cannabis has competed in the West Australian, South Australian, Victorian and Federal elections.

Our fundraising totals in NSW now exceed the amounts we raised in those last four elections COMBINED.

Our donors recognise that legalising cannabis is not single-issue. It’s a health care issue, it’s a social justice issue, it has a role to play in fighting climate change, creating new jobs as we transition away from fossil fuels, and offers tremendous entrepreneurial business opportunities.

That is why the following donors have chosen to invest in our campaign. But with fundraising success also comes the need for transparency.

We believe you have the right to know who is funding Legalise Cannabis NSW’s campaign. Donations above $1,000 must be disclosed by law. We will publish all donations over $1,000 continuously up to election day. That way you know who is funding our campaign and how much we have raised.

The maximum donation allowed is $7,000. If you would like to donate to our campaign, just click here.

To 15 March 2023

15/03/2023 Sue McKinnon $ 3,500

15/03/2023 John McKinnon $ 3,500

14/03/2023 Robert Keldoulis $ 7,000

14/03/2023 Peter Hunt $ 5,000

09/03/2023 Brian Walker $ 1,000

08/03/2023 Ross Knowles $ 7,000

06/03/2023 Alex Turnbull $ 7,000

06/03/2023 Legalise Cannabis Vic $ 7,000

06/03/2023 Peter Martin $ 1,500

23/02/2023 Sophia Moermond $ 1,000

21/02/2023 Legalise Cannabis Aust $ 7,000

20/02/2023 David Ettershank $ 1,500

27/01/2023 Rachel Payne $ 2,000

23/01/2023 Nimbin Hemp Inc $ 7,000

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How to donate to your state legalise cannabis party

The following states accept donations by PayPal, you do not need a PayPal account to donate:

New South Wales


South Australia


You can donate to the Federal Party here:

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